Looking good

I looked on Facebook to see if Robert Feder has a page. There are a few Robert Feders, but apparently not the Robert Feder.

However, the search pulls up a link to the Chicago Sun-Times, which he left more than a year ago. All that’s there is two colons (::), which has some meaning so arcane Google can’t find it. No hits. Not even like this “::” which looks like an emoticon for a puppy.

And hey! I still have a link too. I not only get the two colons, I also get my face! Tiny, yes, but there I am.

Why the Sun-Times is practicing this blatant favoritism is anybody’s guess, but it’s nice to be teacher’s pet. And anyway, Rob’s photo at his new home is way bigger than mine.

Not so fast

I shouldn’t have dissed Google. Do a search for “two colons” and you get some hits.

It’s a Scope Resolution Operator. If that were a job, I’d apply for it. Sounds sexy and and bit dangerous, just like me. I could be double-colon seven. Then again, maybe it’s simply opaque.

Anyway, my favorite explanation: “The PHP lexical analyzer gives this token the name ‘T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM.’ It might as well have been written in Hebrew. Wait, it IS written in Hebrew. It means ‘double colon.'”

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  1. Robert Feder says:

    You’re right, Chris, I’m not on Facebook. But I am on Twitter (at http://twitter.com/RobertFeder). And I’m happy as a puppy.

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