Not just a con, a NeoCon

On my way to pick up some cat food at Petco today, I had to walk past the Merchandise Mart. I’d forgotton NeoCon is in town. That’s when 40,000 people come here to pose the question, “Wow, when’s the last time you guys got some new office furniture?” Aptly, when you call up the group’s Web site, the header is “Home Page – NeoCon WTF.”┬áHackers? Or an inside job? Google “NeoCon 2010” and you’ll get the same thing. Maybe it’s a form of advertising for Lagunitas’ “Wilco Tango Foxtrot” beer.

Since I was walking by at lunchtime, a lot of attendees were outside, turning the nearby stretch of Wells Street into Smoker’s Alley. Not far away, I overheard an attendee on his cell: “I don’t want to diss you or disrespect you in any way, but I got stuck…” I hear you. Lots of people with maps and vacant looks wandering around River North.

Anyway, cat food. We have a few more mouths to feed, thanks to taking in a female (Mrs. Scraggles, who has 3 kittens and originally showed up in the company of a cat we called Scraggles because the poor guy had a hurt leg, burrs and looked disheveled) and one of her three kittens. We took Mrs. S to the Lurie Clinic in Little Village to be spayed, and she was recovering in our basement till late today, when we let her back out. She was ready!

The kitten, a tabby with a pronounced black “M” on its forehead, is in a cat carrier in a large shower stall on our third floor. It’s a shower stall that has housed six kittens before her. All three junior Scraggles were born in a little house (it’s called a “feral cat villa”) in our yard. Mrs. S later moved them into the yard of the board-up next door, then across the alley into a neighbor’s back yard. We saw them playing there just a few days ago, so it’s worrisome we’ve only caught one. A couple of hours after we set Mrs. S free, she showed up in the yard with one of the kittens, who checked the food on our back porch before we could get another trap set.

Obsessive? Maybe, but there are a lot of cats out there. Neutering them is a good idea. So is finding homes for the little ones. In the waiting room at the Lurie Clinic with us were two women with six kittens. They said they’d brought 200 cats in to be neutered over the years.


It’s easy to think cats are not too bright (this morning, a black cat was inside the trap for the third time!), but they’re canny. Mrs. S was grooming the two “missing” kittens on the back steps of the house across the alley this morning, and they all look fine. Meanwhile, the kitten we’re calling M is eating well and has a very sweet disposition. The woman who’s adopting her is coming over Sunday to pick her up.

And let’s give the black cat some credit, too. It got a square meal and a safe place to snooze. It’ll be back.

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