Bike, rain, dark, wind, more wind, more rain

I enjoyed Bike to Work Week, right up until the last hour or so. My boss had seen the weather forecast this afternoon and came around to warn us of the 60 mile-an-hour winds that were about to hit. “And you’re on your bike?” he said to me. So with his encouragement I left early.

But not early enough. It was pretty dark when I hopped on my bike at about 4:15. By the time I’d gone two blocks it was raining and darker. Four blocks later, sheets of rain were blowing past me. I saw a tree down on South Plymouth Court that completely blocked the street, trees down along the lakefront and broken branches everywhere. I coasted south past the Aquarium, picking up speed thanks to the wind.

By the time I got home it had let up somewhat, making me think that if I hadn’t left early, everything would have been fine. But no, it kept raining, so I’d have gotten soaked no matter what.

On the upside, I got to try out the best freebie of Bike to Work Week: the bright yellow 312 Urban Wheat Ale bike seat cover from Goose Island Brewery. It’s like a shower cap for your saddle — keeps it dry when your bike is parked in the rain. If I’m not violating anyone’s copyright (don’t look, Roger), I give it two thumbs up.

Now it’s time to raise the biking bar: It’s time for Bike Instead of Work Week.

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  1. moped says:

    Really enjoyed this! Well done!

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