Hello, sailor

Some people like to go to the waterfront to see tall ships. I like tall ships, too, but I also get a kick out of the Cayman Islands Navy when it’s in town.

Which it is, right by McCormick Place. Cracker Bay (welcome back!) and Lady Sandals. Perseverance II is here, too, but it’s not part of the Cayman Islands Navy, it’s just another big-ass boat.

Last fall, Lady Sandals stopped near enough to Philadelphia to catch the attention of the local Fox affiliate. “New Sandals Yacht Stops In Philly,” the story on its Web site is headlined.

“The Sandals/Beaches travel group has a new Yacht cursing along the East Coast, a perfect location for a wedding,” says Fox. I bet. Weddings and yachts — “Sandals/Beaches has teamed up with Martha Stewart and is offering new destination wedding packages. … The cost of an average wedding is between $20,000-$25,000” — probably account for a lot of cursing. Not to mention Martha Stewart.

Let’s hope Lady Sandals isn’t here for one of the destination wedding packages, cause I doubt the Air & Water Show is among the six designs and themes you can choose from for your 20 grand. But if it is, at least the weather looks good for Sunday. Tomorrow it might rain, and that excessive heat warning is still in effect today. All in all, perfect cursing weather.

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