Dusty but priceless

There’s a Facebook page called Newspaper Ledes That Have Nothing to Do with Their Stories, so I wish the newsletter I got recently from Linn Records had been a newspaper story instead, because I’d submit it. It’s a winner:

“As far as fantastical daydreams go, uncovering a dusty but priceless¬†Stradivarius¬†in a cluttered cupboard or neighbour’s garage sale has to rank up there with winning the lottery or viewing Earth from orbit. That’s not quite how Susanna Yoko Henkel came by her¬†Stradivari built violin but she certainly plays it with the touch of a performer who has been gifted unworldly skill.”

I’d like to see the cluttered cupboard where she didn’t find the violin, or the view of Earth from the orbit where she was gifted the skill, but I’m too much in awe to get out of my chair.

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