If lawyers had written ‘I am the Walrus’

I had to sign a contract the other day and was struck by one of the things I was agreeing to:

“Q. Miscellaneous.
“(1) Where applicable, the singular form shall include the plural, and the masculine form shall include the feminine and neuter, and vice versa.”

It was only a real estate listing agreement, but isn’t he/she/it/we/they the sort of enlightened, inclusive, metrosexual thinking we should all aspire to? Goo goo gajoob?

2 Responses to “If lawyers had written ‘I am the Walrus’”

  1. TV Gossip says:

    It’s time to bring these babies back from obscurity!

  2. Caden says:

    great information you have never seen anything like it to be honest but great post

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