Black like me

I don’t know who won the City of Lights Sweepstakes, I just know it wasn’t me. I didn’t enter.

Not because I wouldn’t like a free trip to Paris — I’d love one.

No, the contest was sponsored by American Airlines and Not an outfit I was familiar with. The flyer I got in the mail said “The social network is your passport to black travel. … Music, black history, dining—all from a black traveler’s point of view.”

That sounds like fun, but I’d have a hard time convincing anyone of my blackness. I could dye my eyebrows and remaining hair blond and say I had a rare skin condition, or claim that I was a black albino, but the truth is I was born white and I’ve never grown out of it.

I think the invite had more to do with my ZIP code than anything else, which suggests that maybe American and BlackAtlas should have done a little more homework before mailing the thing. Or the outfit they chose to do the mailing, something called Valassis, which claims an address of “One Targeting Center” in Windsor, Connecticut. Sounds like a place Jack Bauer would like.

But I hope whoever won the contest has a great time in Paris, and I hope I never get a mailing from, cause I’d really have to say no to that one.

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