Thanks to my stubborn cold and our frigid Chicago weather, I haven’t been on my bike in a week. We have good public transportation, so getting to work hasn’t been a hassle. Well, except for the wait and the crush. This morning the bus was so crowded the driver yelled “I’m closing the door now” as a bunch of us tried to get on, squashing me and the guy behind me. We weren’t hurt, just squashed.

At the next stop, six of us had to file off to let one woman out. I never got close to the fare box, just jostled along till my stop and squeezed onto the street. Moo.

I saw a woman riding on the lakefront path yesterday when the high was, what, 9? Tomorrow’s supposed to be warmer (24F!), so I think I’ll take my chances.


No, still felt crummy this morning and took the bus again. And it’s definitely a rideable day, temperature not too bad (11F now) and hardly any breeze, sunny sky. Frustrating, but I’ll be riding again soon.

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