Drill, baby, drill


I thought the Burning Man festival was over for the year, but apparently I was wrong. At least judging by the number of straw men Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin piled up Wednesday night at the Republican convention. Should make for quite a bonfire.

Left media? Washington pundits? Permanent political establishment? I think the Republicans need to be careful running against Washington when their man has been there since 1982.

And speaking of bonfires, if more drilling is part of the solution, shouldn’t trees be, too? They’re closer to hand than oil, and cheaper to harvest. Plenty of biomass, and there are trees everywhere you look. Why, there’s one right outside my window. With our stockpile of trees — and they’re renewable! — it’ll be years before the place looks like Haiti, and by then we’ll have invented and innovated ourselves out of trouble. But not before having driven up newsprint prices for those pesky left media papers. Oops! My bad!

Not that I’m looking for a job in a McCain-Palin Energy Department, but think outside the energy box and pretty soon you realize the box is biomass and you can toss it on the fire, too.

If the box is too heavy, maybe the same guys who hustled the protesters out of the convention — were they the ones who finally got the crowd to stop chanting “USA”? — will give you a hand.

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  1. Avid Reader says:

    burn baby burn! This one made me laugh out loud, and I passed on to friends – thanks Cross Palms for the illumination …

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