Shedding the detour

Over the weekend, the Park District opened the lakefront path underpass at Solidarity Drive. This is supposed to ease congestion at that intersection, both for traffic and for path users, especially during evenings when there are concerts on Northerly Island — or days when something’s going on at Soldier Field.

The underpass itself is nicely done and fun to ride, and certainly makes it easier to get around. I can’t count the number of times I was almost flattened by traffic that either didn’t see the stop signs on Solidarity Drive or chose to ignore them. Buses, trucks, families with kids in SUVs — they all tried to send me to the great beyond. So this is an improvement.

My only complaint: Despite the work the Aquarium has been doing since last year, the path hasn’t been part of it. It could have been widened, but no, so it remains a bottleneck. And I foresee some confusion in the Museum Campus area north of the Field Museum where the old detour and the restored path converge. If the Park District marks the lanes well, we’ll all be OK, but I think there will be some swerving and cursing for a while.

Life as usual on the bike path, in other words.

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