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Backing the Bid

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Hello, CTA? I’d like to report a suspicious package. It’s a pro-Olympics promotional announcement that played on a No. 2 bus this morning. “How long have they been doing this?” I wondered, thinking – since I usually commute by bike – that I’m just out of touch.

Well, if ABC News is to be believed, the announcements are new. And they’re paid for by the Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid Committee, so presumably if the anti-Olympics people want their message heard, they can pay for bus announcements, too.

For that matter, if I want to read a 20-second message saying “read my blog and click on ads,” all I have to do is pony up, right? We all know the CTA’s in trouble (while waiting for that bus, I read a “route elimination” notice posted near the stop; so long, No. 173), so a little ad money for a PA announcement must come in handy.

A quick check of the CTA Web site makes me wonder. I can buy any size poster – can’t decide between the Ultra Super King and the Michelangelo – but the PA system isn’t on the list. Could it be that I just don’t pal around with the mayor enough?

I’m all for propaganda (read my blog, click on ads), but I don’t want to hear it on the bus. If I stood up and started talking about Jesus (or Cross Palms), the driver could usher me to the curb. Unless the rest of us can buy some of those 20-second slices of commuters’ time, I think the Olympic spots should be ushered to the curb, too.