The power of the prez

It happened again. On my way home from work, police blocked off the lakefront path because President Obama was coming to town. I’ve been through this before…

He and his family actually came to town yesterday, but today was his visit to Louisiana and the oil spill. My timing was so good I spent 20 minutes near Soldier Field with a bunch of other cyclists watching his helicopter — actually several helicopters — arrive. We traded stories of other times Obama’s arrival or departure had delayed us. “I wouldn’t have voted for the guy if I knew he was going to interfere with my commute,” one guy joked. When I suggested maybe he’d do Bike the Drive Sunday, a woman in front of me groaned and said, “Don’t even say that.” A very tall guy who gave up and cycled back north said, “This is cool — maybe it’s old hat in D.C., but it’s cool to see it here.”

And it is. I hope he and his family enjoy their visit home. He’s having a rough time, what with the wars he inherited, the economy going kablooey, the Party of Nope, the BP disaster — who’d want that job? But he’s doing it, and I think he’s doing it well. He’s a good president and may turn out to be a great president. He deserves a good weekend here.

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  1. Lynda Nutt McIntyre says:

    You have no idea how good it is to see someone (besides me) from our class who a) voted for Obama and b) still believes he is a good president, with (still) potential for greatness (even if only in the eyes of history). As far as I can tell, most of our class is of the landed gentry persuasion (wealthy and Republican) or the “I’ve worked too hard for what I have, and he wants to give it away” Republicans. I’m sure (I think) there are others out there, just lurking…


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