Ya big lug

As I was heading south on Clark Street on my ride home recently, a truck passed me sporting some of these on its front wheels:

Spiky lug nut covers! I don’t know if the trucker got his from this site (there are quite a few that carry the things), but I hope his were plastic. One trucker bragged of having stainless steel spikes.

Are they more “Ben-Hur” or .007? They’re kind of cool, in a way, but as a cyclist I’ll keep my distance, thanks. I’ve cut myself on plastic more than once, and in the safety of my own home.

But it makes me wonder how I can customize my bike to make it more threatening. Add aerobars and turn them into a slingshot, maybe. Only good for forward firing, of course, but at least with tomatoes in season now the ammo would be cheap.

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