Blow the man down

We look to be about halfway through the Great Midwest Cyclone, at least at my house (about six blocks from Obama’s, on Chicago’s South Side). The warnings yesterday made me decide not to ride my bike to work today, and it’s probably just as well. On the walk to the bus, the wind was blowing the rain sideways, so the umbrella was useless below my elbows and despite my raincoat my nether lands were soaked. Pants dried off by mid-afternoon, socks were still damp when I got home.

I was tempted to ride: 60-mph gusts from behind? I’ll take that! But they’d be there on the way home, too. Hmm.

On the upside, my neighbor’s catalpa tree is north of us, and with the winds from the south, his leaves are mostly blowing into other people’s yards.

Tomorrow it’s still supposed to be windy, but no rain, so I’ll see how cyclonic this whole thing is. Sounds like something Dyson would come up with.

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