On the Mark

You’ve got to love Google ads. If you were reading the New York Times’ online story about South Carolina’s Mark Sanford and suddenly thought “I’ve always wanted to go to Argentina and have a fling,” why there at the bottom of the story was a helpful Ads by Google box with Argentina tourism info.

I don’t know how Google’s software figures out how to place ads, but it apparently didn’t buy the governor’s story about hiking the Appalachian trail: No hiking or Appalachian links appeared.


But in another box, there’s a link to www.elblogdeMiguel.com, where “Miguel” says he’s an Argentinian who wants to demonstrate how he now works from home, bringing in 5K a month thanks to Google, and the “Easy Google Profit Kit.”

I’ve been to Argentina, but I’ve never tried Easy Profit, so maybe the big dough is just a click away. Something for Sanford to think about as he contemplates his next career move. I’ll bet a lot of people would read elblogdeMarkSanford.

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